Puff is the nickname some of us gave to the PDP 11/70 at our high school. I have set up a simulation of Puff using Bob Supnik's PDP 11 simulator SIMH. After years of using SIMH, I've switched to a different emulator, ersatz11 from D Bit which offers the ability to print.

I've installed RSTS/E Version 7.07. I chose 7.07 because it was the closest version to the one I last used V06C and I was able to aquire a patch that allows the use of current dates. Ideally, I would like to find the install media for RSTS/E V06C which was running on the real Puff back in the late nineteen-seventies.

You may access Puff using a telnet client. The address is puff.mooo.com and use port 4000. Use the Project Programmer number [100,100] and the password guest.

If you do not have a telnet client, I have used several. One I would suggest is PuTTY which has versions for windows and unix/linux is pretty barebones. There are of course others with more features, but this one is very small and easy to install.

Puff Walkthrough will take you through connecting, signing in, doing a directory, running a program and signing out. All this is done using screen shots.

Puff Usage will do much the same in a briefer fashion, without all the screenshots. This would be more useful as a printed cheatsheet.

Puff Manuals is a page of links to pdf images of books that may be of use.

Last Update: 11-Aug-16
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