Puff Walkthrough

I going to take you on a quick walkthrough using PuTTY as a telnet client.


In order to connect, we first have to set up PuTTY. Download the correct version for your operating system and start it. The screen should look similar to this:
Initial PuTTY Screen
Click in the box for the host name and type in the host name of puff.mooo.com:
Initial PuTTY Host Name
In the screenshot above the port number is 22. Under connection type we are going to click on Telnet, which will change to the port number to 23:
Initial PuTTY Connection Type
Unfortunately, port 23, is the wrong port number, and we need to change it to the corrent one of 4000:
Initial PuTTY Port Number
Now, since we may want to use this connection again, we should give it a name by typing it in the Saved Sessions Box:
Initial PuTTY Saved Name
And click on the Save button:
Initial PuTTY Saved
With the connection information all entered and saved as shown above, click on the Open button and you should get a screen similar to the one below:
Initial PuTTY Connection


Once connected you have to login. You greet RSTS/E with hello, followed by your account numbers and press enter, which will bring up the password prompt (The secret password is GUEST):
Initial PuTTY Screen
Once logged in, the system will display a greeting message similar to this:
Initial PuTTY Screen

Work or Play

If you've used DOS on the PC, this first command will be familiar. To find out what files are in this account you would type DIR and enter:
Initial PuTTY Screen
You will notice from the screenshot above that in two places it says SY:[100,100], which shows you which account is being directoried. Also notice above, at the tail of the greeting mentions the ! account. We'll try ! below by entering DIR !:
Initial PuTTY Screen
Notice this directory is different and the account is SY:[1,3]. We will load a program from this directory called ELIZA bye entering OLD !ELIZA which will load the program into memory for you:
Initial PuTTY Screen
Once it is loaded you can RUN the program as shown below:
Initial PuTTY Screen
ELIZA is a simulation of a therapist and can be humourus but also time consuming, so we can exit by typing Control C:
Initial PuTTY Screen
To clear ELIZA out of memory you can use the NEW command which will ask for a New file name, which you can just press enter for:
Initial PuTTY Screen
You can combine the two steps of loading and running by just running the file, RUN !ELIZA as shown below:
Initial PuTTY Screen
Once again we Control C out:
Initial PuTTY Screen
Finally we'll run one of the other programs, a utility called uptime which tells how long the system has been up and running this session. RUN !UPTIME:
Initial PuTTY Screen


Now that we're all done, so goodbye to the system entering BYE:
Initial PuTTY Screen
If you enter Y you get the long logout screen as shown:
Initial PuTTY Screen


Once it scrolls up after the logout message, you click on the X to close the window and you will get the confirmation message shown below:
Initial PuTTY Screen

Last Update: 10-Aug-16
Please contact with any questions or concerns about using Puff.