SPHS - South Portland High School

I went to South Portland High School from 1976 through 1979, when I graduated with the class of 1979. During my time there they had a PDP 11/70. It was used by both the School Department and the City

The computer consisted of a PDP 11/70 with 256KW of memory, a TU16 tape drive, a LP11 printer and two RP04 disk drives. It ran RSTS/E V06b and later V06c. Most of the programs were written in Basic-Plus, but in my senior year we got a copy of OMSI Pascal

My first year the computer had the full blinking lights console like this:
PDP 11/70 Console
but soon was converted to the remote console like this one:
PDP 11/70 Remote Console

The City used the computer for tax billing and payroll.

The High School used the computer for scheduling and record keeping. Math classes used the computer to write basic programs for solving various equations. We also had classes in data proccessing, which included key to card, key to disk and online data entry.

The guidance department also used a set of programs called the Guidance Information System. This system was used for researching colleges and universities. It was a large database and you would enter different paramenters to narrow down your choices.
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